Dog Grooming

At Waggly Tails, we offer a full grooming service for all breeds (and crossbreeds!) of dogs.

Audrey has been grooming for 18 years and holds a Diploma in Grooming Theory and attends continuing education seminars on a regular basis.

She is also a member of the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association and competes in the Grooming Championships annually.  See our awards section for details.

  • Full dematting {detangling} and de-shedding of long and semi-long haired dogs.
  • Bathing and Drying.
  • General health check i.e.: skin conditions, evidence of ear & eye problems, evidence of parasites e.g. fleas, ticks, lice, lumps or tumours needing veterinary attention.
  • Clean / Trim hygiene areas.
  • Nail care including filing as tolerated by the dog.
  • Ear care {cleaning and plucking as necessary}.
  • Clipping & Styling.


Pricing is not quoted by breed but is based on the time spent working on your dog.  We can give a rough estimate on assessing your dog when you arrive.

  • Size of dog rather then actual breed as there can be huge or tiny examples of the breed!
  • Behaviour of dog, this can affect the length of time it takes to safely groom your dog.
  • Time since last groom.
  • Owner maintenance at home.
  • Style required.
  • Specialised techniques ie Scissoring or Handstripping.